Corona COVID-19 current infections status Aachen

The following diagrams show the current COVID-19 infected persons (2020-09-04) in the Städteregion Aachen. I show these diagrams here, because Städetregion Aachen publish and talk about numbers only, but a picture can say more than thousand words.


Zoomed version to 0-100 infections to better see the latest infections.


As you can see in the second diagram the infections are on a falling low level.

The following diagram shows a zoomed version done in COMMODORE BASIC V4.0 on the “Mini PET” (self assembly kit) a fully functional 6502 based 8-bit computer from TYNEMOUTH SOFTWARE @tynemouthsw sold by TFW8b @futurewas8bit, compatible with a Commodore PET (from the year ~1980) model 2001N-32 (3032/4032*).


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