Corona COVID-19 current (fast increasing) infections status Aachen #stayathome

The following diagrams show the current COVID-19 infected persons (2020-11-30) in the Städteregion Aachen. I show these diagrams here, because Städetregion Aachen publish and talk about numbers only, but a picture can say more than thousand words.


Zoomed version to 0-1200 infections to better see the latest infections. In the previous posts I used 0-100 but I had to change this to 0-1200 because of the huge infections reaching the level of April 2020.


As you can see in the second diagram the infections are rising again and reached the infections of beginning of April 2020.

The following diagram shows a zoomed version programmed in Microsoft BASIC V4.7b (from 1978) on a VT100 Terminal connected to a minimalistic (6 chip count Single Board Computer SBC) Z80 RETROCOMPUTER with Zilog Z80 8-bit CPU, 32K RAM memory and serial interface (no video - no audio - no keyboard). EEVblog #1205 - RC2014 Z80 Computer Kit Build uses a simmilar SBC but with more chips.


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